Here you will find applications and tips for selecting domain names.

Domain Name Selection

  • It is recommended to order both .no and .com if these are available
  • .no is the most common domain type in Norway with approximately 750,000 registered domains.
  • .com is most widely used worldwide. If you have .com, you get higher rankings with Google.
  • We also recommend that you secure your .eu domain. This domain applies to anyone living in Europe and the EEA, and is well incorporated internationally.
  • You only pay annual domain fees for domains. It is therefore not very expensive to register multiple domains. You can have many domains on the same web account.
  • Many people find that their domain names are more important than company names, street addresses and phone numbers.
  • It is important to secure all the domains you need before they are registered by others, as well as think about which domains you need in the future.

What can I do with my domains?

  • If you do not do anything with a domain, it will automatically park. This means that you own the domain so that no-one else can register it. You may be able to use the domain later.
  • If you are going to publish a website and use email, you need a web host.
  • You can point many domains to the same web page.
  • In the control panel you can set DNS pointers (A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, NS, SRV or TXT) and www forwarding (plain or cloaked) and more. You have access to whois, registrar lock, EPP codes etc. All of this is free.
  • Private individuals and companies can register .no domain
  • Both companies and individuals can register .no domains. The same goes for all other domain types we offer.

Reseller / Resell Services

  • You can become a reseller with pre-paid discounts, thus reselling services that ServeTheWorld offers. Services that can be resell are web hosting, domains, VPS, Acronis Backup and more.
  • Contact customer service at, or phone 22222880 for more information on prices and terms.