Information page about WHOIS. Who they are and what they do.

Who owns the domain name?
What is WHOIS, who is ICANN?
Can you remove or use false information?
Hide WHOIS information on the domain?

Who owns the domain name?

One can search the WHOIS database to find out if a domain name is registered and who owns the domain name.

  • For .no domains you can search in https://www.norid.no/
  • For other international domains, you can use https://whois.icann.org/en

What is WHOIS, who is ICANN?

WHOIS is a database of information about which company or individual who owns the domain name. Other information found in WHOIS includes email address, mailing address and technical information about which name servers use the domain name. You must therefore assume that the contact information you specify when registering domains will be published in the WHOIS database.

ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is responsible for coordinating all domain types globally.

It is https://www.norid.no/ which runs the registry for Norwegian domain names.

Can you remove or use false information?

Domains in https://hcp.stwcp.net/ unfortunately can not remove WHOIS information, and domain name owner must ensure that WHOIS information is correct at all times. From time to time, ICANN will send an email to the owner of the domain name listed in WHOIS, to confirm the information provided in the WHOIS. If you do not confirm this email within a given time, you may lose your domain name.

WHOIS information is used to, among other things, verify ownership of domains associated with domain transfer, as well as change of existing WHOIS information.

Hide WHOIS information on the domain?

When registering a domain, your contact information is published in a so-called WHOIS database. By concealing WHOIS information, you avoid data such as Name and email address will be rejected in connection with abuse (spam, etc.)

The price for WHOIS ID protection is NOK. 99, - per year per domain name.

How to order and enable WHOIS ID protection in the control panel at https://hcp.stwcp.net/

  1. Log in to https://hcp.stwcp.net/
  2. Navigate to Billing and click Extras Services
  3. Select WHOIS ID Protection
  4. Enter Domain Name, which must have WHOIS ID protection
  5. Select Payment Method and click Order

Here you will find an overview of which domain types offer WHOIS ID protection: http://faq.servetheworld.net/en/domains/domains-oversikt/